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Summary of accomplishments

Seemingly there is nothing to brag about, but the table of accomplishments speaks for itself.

Summary of accomplishments

accomplishmentsSumHow big is achievement
Studies of the possibilities of locating the wind turbines in 24 municipalities area328 800 ha
Monitoring the enacting of 8 Local development plans (and supervising the implementation of the next 8 – adoption pending) area17 800 ha
Signing the lease agreements for plots for wind turbine locations and the internal and external windfarm infrastructure area19000 ha
Installation of measuring masts for wind analyses of the wind parks located in 22 municipalities with participation of Amerbil amount11
Performing the analyses of connection options capacity1140 MW
Executing the feasibility studies of the high-voltage lines connection length150 km
Obtaining the connection conditions and signing of connection agreements capacity890 MW
Implementation of environmental reports for 8 areas area119 700 ha
Complicity in obtaining building permits for construction of wind farms capacity90 MW
Implementation of the conception design of the internal windfarm infrastructure networklength550 km
Implementation of the conception design of the internal windfarm infrastructure routeslength390 km


The realization process of wind farms is being led by Amerbil for several years




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  • RES. Preparation of investments in renewable energy field, including handling of the complete cycle – from land acquisition to operation of wind farms/ pV/ biogas plant.
  • Industrial investments. Preparation and realization of industrial investments (buildings and installations), including project management and services related to the investment and planning process. 
  • Cooperation. We cooperate with international corporations and leading domestic companies. 

…Masts, respectively 60 and 80m high, situated in the south-west and north-east of the project significantly reduce uncertainties in the horizontal extrapolation due to the large distance between the locations of outer wind turbines…